Protecting the Elderly From Scams And Abuse

Protect Your Elderly Parents From Scams

Most of the senior citizens who live in isolation get exploited, cheated or abused by their near and dear ones or strangers. Mainly money or assets will come as a big threat to their lives. Over ninety percent of abuse is committed by the adult’s family members. Often it is done by that person’s children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. Elder abuse is mainly in the form of neglect, theft and no care once money or property is acquired. Elders can use their website and check on for more awareness. They can face other forms of physical abuse, intimidation, and threats as well.

Protection For Elders
· There may be some signs which you may notice when an older person is a victim of abuse.
· Most of the bills won’t be paid even though there is sufficient income.
· The person who looks after them will not allow anybody else to visit the senior.
· The elder may appear confused and frightened.
· There will be huge changes in the elder’s personal account, or there will be a sudden usage of credit card or ATM.
Living In Isolation
Some elders prefer to stay indoors fearing the threats while they venture outside on their own. Due to lack of physical strength or pains, they do not go out thinking not to be of trouble to others. It is always better to contact the local center for elders.

Ask For Written Documents
It is good to take time in making a decision where huge commitments are involved. It is always good to obtain all the details before proceeding. For example Business ID, Address, License Number, Person’s name and mailing ID. Make sure they are all genuine and trustworthy. School scouting kids who sell cookies or raising funds for school events or charities should be in the exceptional list.

Caution With Online Transactions
Be careful when you send sensitive emails regarding credit card statements and your personal information. It is advisable not to give any personal information to someone who asks for them through calls. You should always monitor your statements for any incorrect or unusual information. It is also good to use direct deposits and get confirmation that the check goes to your account. Fraudsters find many ways to steal the checks from mailboxes or from elders’ homes that are idling around.

Help Against Scamsters
· In case you think you have been scammed don’t hesitate to talk about it. Don’t be afraid to get help from the concerned personnel. Delay may cause more harm than you could imagine.
· Call the credit card company or your bank.
· Immediately cancel the cards that are linked to the account which is hacked.
· Reset the PIN number.
· Contact legal experts who provide services to protect elders from scams.

These are the tips that were offered by NCOA and women’s Institute to protect your retirement benefits. Never let fraudsters enjoy your hard earned money as you can live the rest of your life in luxury without having to depend on anybody or face any hurdles.

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