Benefits Offered By Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling technology is an innovative method in which the evaporation is used to cool down the surrounding air. The pump in the evaporative coolers tends to circulate water towards a cooling pad or any saturated cooling media making it extremely wet. The fan that is placed strategically inside the unit will draw the air from outside towards the cooling pad. This results in the cooling down of the air as it passes over the saturated cooling media. evaporative air conditioning is the way to go to stay cool during the peak of summer season. According to the experts at, this concept has been around for several centuries.

Here are a few reasons why evaporative cooling has become popular among the general public:

Eco friendly
Since evaporative cooling is entirely based on a natural cooling process, it is beneficial for the environment. This process of cooling does not release any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, making it extremely eco friendly compared to other cooling systems like refrigerated cooling.

Easy On The Pocket
The best part about getting an evaporative cooler is that it fits right into your budget. Interestingly, many stores report a huge jump in the number of sales of these machines just around the start of summer. This is proof enough of how people prefer to use evaporative cooling to stay cool throughout the scorching heat of summer.

Lower Electricity Bills
Evaporative cooling systems require lesser power to run, thereby cutting down your utility bills almost by half. They also require low maintenance, benefitting you in the long run.

Better Air Quality
One of the primary benefits offered by evaporative coolers is the fresher air it provides. This helps eliminates all kinds of airborne pathogens in your home and even stop the buildup of fungal or bacterial concentration. Interestingly, the added humidity to the air by the evaporative cooler also helps you to breathe more easily. Switching to an evaporative cooling system can help protect you from respiratory diseases as well as feel healthier every day.

Lower Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Since evaporative coolers release very little CO2 back into the air, it is extremely beneficial to the environment in the long run.

Doors And Windows Can Be Left Open
In order to ensure the maintenance of cold airflow, the regular air conditioners require all windows and doors to remain closed. However, evaporative coolers free you from this option and allow you to keep all your windows and doors open, making the air less stagnant and more breathable.

Lesser Noise
Say goodbye to loud noises that originate from air conditioners. Evaporative coolers are quieter machines and help you get a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by any noise from it.

If you are planning on investing in a cooling machine for the upcoming months of summer, experts suggest going for evaporative coolers. As you can see from the benefits above, these machines are a worthwhile investment without affecting your bank balance too much and will be around for a long time to come as well.

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