Tips For Hiring An Asphalt Paving Contractor

Replacement of asphalt driveways is one of the best ways to improve the beauty of your house and increase its curb appeal. However, you might have to invest a good sum of amount to repave an asphalt driveway professionally. As per the reports from North Shore Paving Company, people invest around $5000 on an average to get the asphalt driveway paved. According to, it is important to select an asphalt paving contractor only after scrutiny because if the contractor is not good, you will incur more expenses to cover the damages that had happened because of poor paving.

A good pavement of asphalt driveway can last for twenty years while a poor pavement will decay within a few years. Sometimes, people have to pay a lot to correct the pavement built by an unprofessional contractor. This is especially true if the pavement experiences a lot of traffic on a day to day basis. Here are some tips which can help you hire a good contractor.

It is advised that the homeowners should select a good company which has got a good track record and reputation in the paving business. Get a list of reputed contractors from your friends or relatives who have used the services of a contractor before. A good recommendation is the best source for getting a reputed contractor. When you check with the contractors, do not forget to ask whether they have got a valid license, insurance for workers and liability, etc. The pricing is also an important factor. When you get the list of contractors, it is better to compare at least three of them on the price they charge for doing the work. Along with that, ask them for referrals from people that they have provided their services to. You can cross check with them and will get to see a sample of the work the contractors have done.

It is better to avoid the contractors who say that they will implement a new way of paving. You do not want experimental material. Sometimes, some contractors will use leftover materials from their previous venture in your work. Asphalt paving is dedicated work which needs expensive equipment so that it is perfectly done. If the contractors say that they will give you the materials for a discount, you should understand that they will be using the leftover materials. Two inches of asphalt is needed for a recoat; for redoing a driveway, 3 inches of asphalt is required. If the contractors give you wrong information about this, then you need to be careful.

You should ask for the estimate before the work starts. A good contractor will let you know the exact prices of the materials and an estimate of the amount you will have to pay for the pavement of the asphalt driveway. If the contractor is not willing to give you about all the information relating to the pavement, it is better to search for another contractor. Get a good contractor for a little more money rather than wasting money on a poor contractor.

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